We humans are negotiators at our very core.

In boardrooms and backrooms, with our coworkers and our competitors, when the stakes are high or low, we’re constantly engaged in battles of influence and will. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, but at all times, we’re playing the game — whether we like it or not. 

So shouldn’t we be better at it? We can be. And The Cartography of Negotiation shows us how.

Building on the classic texts on negotiation theory, and informed by hundreds of real-life scenarios, this small book is your essential guide to succeeding in the practice of negotiation. 

Without buzzwords or jargon—and without an illegible diagram in sight--you'll learn how to: shape the dynamics of dialogue, control the physical environment, prepare purposefully for engagement, respond nimbly to unforeseen obstacles, avoid bias, separate positions from interests, and create more value for everyone at the table.

Candid and wry, packed with exercises you'll use again and again, and full of insight you'll value for years to come, The Cartography of Negotiation is for anyone serious about getting better at one of the fundamental exercises of our lives.